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Hand Puppets. How to Make and Use Them

Año: 1989
Autor: Laura Ross
Editorial: Dover Publications
Encuadernación: Rústica
Idioma: Inglés
ISBN: 0-486-26161-1
Páginas: 192
Peso: 300
Subtítulo: How to Make and Use Them
Tamaño: 16 x 23 cm
Título: Hand Puppets
13.00 €
En stock: 1
Peso: 300 g

Este libro es una reimpresión del ya publicado con el mismo título en 1969. En él se describe varias formas de hacer títeres muy sencillos y teatrillos muy sencillos.

Introduce children to the fascinating world of puppetry with this unique book by former teacher-librarian and veteran puppeteer Laura Ross. Step-by-step instructions and clear diagrams help beginners create captivating paper-bag puppets, rod puppets for shadows plays, and papier-maâché puppets with their own cloth costumes.

Large, easy-to-read type and full-size traceable patterns show woul-be puppeteers how to make basic skills: dressing and handling puppets, setting up a stage, and writing and producing an original show. In addition, newcomers to the craft will learn how to manipulate characters in three puppets palys: "Rumpelstiltskin", "Punch and Judy", and "A visit from outer space" (an original play by the autor). There are also suggestions for acting out the story of "Peter and the wolf" with puppets while listening to the delightful symphonic fairy tale by Profokiev.

A brief introduction outlining the history of puppetry, a section on materials and where to get them, and step-by-step directions for tracing, round out this entertaining how-to book.

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